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We are a Montana licensed Emergency Medical Service. Tactical EMS, OPS-MED and more. Search & Rescue, Evacuations, and back country EMS is our forte. We can handle combat style medicine as well as body recovery.

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Event Medical Standy

Kraken EMS Tactical is a licensed EMS Agency in the State of Montana as a Non Transporting Medical Provider. We have over a decade of EMS experience and will take charge of your medical risks at your events. Call for a quote. Employing EMTs, AEMTs and Paramedics we can offer a wide array of Medical standby.

Search and Rescue services are a must in rural Montana or overseas and we can provide Ice Rescue, High Angle and Swift water services as well as Drone Search.

K.D.G EMS Tactical

We are the only security firm in Montana to hold an EMS license to date. We have 20 years of EMS experience in BLS & ALS. Our Medics are Armed and can treat any emergency you may encounter.

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