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Kraken Defense Group provides all encompassing tactical protection services utilizing combat veterans, retired Law Enforcement & experienced private sector EP Agents


There may be times when your executives or personnel are at risk from harassment, physical harm, or other potential threats and need an extra layer of protection. Executive protection is designed to mitigate these risks.

Executive Protection Agents should not be confused with bodyguards. We believe that the best executive and personnel protection security service includes advanced preparations, detailed planning, intel, liaison with local authorities and the use of highly trained professionals.


Our goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of your organization and its personnel by minimizing the impact of incidents on their personal and professional lives.


With the growing threats to our Nations Schools, KDG understands the importance of protecting our children and the important task of maintaining our training and being the shield between your children and those that seek to do them harm.

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KDG can provide a myriad of services to keep your commercial operations safe. From Close personal protection to door security and Emergency Tactical Medical Teams and more. We can fill any need you have in assessing threats and mitigating risks to your Company.


This service is close to our hearts as we understand the impact that commercial maritime shipping has on providing the USA and other countries the services they need. We have Tactical Agents with combat experience ready to protect your cargo and staff on the seas. We offer snipers and threat strike teams that will escort your vessel to its destination and back.

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As part of our many groups, we offer Inmate & Prisoner Transportation commonly referred to as Extradition Services. Our Owners have experience working in the Federal Security Sector, Detention and understand the importance of moving prisoners and bail fugitives safely, respectfully and with full transparency. Give us a call and let us be the difference.


Kraken Defense Group and its affiliates are always looking for qualified employees and contractors with Protection experience, combat and Law Enforcement experience.

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